Clear Vision A Q&A with Harold Boyett on Relaying Company Vision

Courier Magazine: How long have you been at your company, and how has your relationship changed with employees over the years?

Harold Boyett: I have been leading the company since February of 2005. My relationships with our employees have changed significantly since my first days here at Blue Streak. At first, I had to develop relationships and build trust. The company was small and there were only four employees. I had to help with some of the actual work in the office, such as answering phones and invoicing customers.

As Blue Streak continued to grow, we brought on more employees. With the additional staff came the opportunity to delegate work. Over the past 10 years, we have created divisions of labor, and developed a mild hierarchy. As our company continues to grow, I continue to grow personally and professionally as I work on my leadership skills. Leadership development has become a goal for not just me personally, but for the senior leadership of my organization, as well as the people who report to them. Much of the changes in the relationships with employees are a result of the company growing as we now have about 50 employees at Blue Streak Couriers.

CM: Has your company’s vision changed from when it first started to operate? If it has, how have you communicated that change to your employees?

HB: The vision of our company must change over time because the business changes over time. Our customers’ needs are constantly evolving and we must keep up with the marketplace. The marketplace continues to change. It is a moving target. Ten years ago, we were predominantly a bank courier company operating in Northeast Florida. Now, our industry serves a need for white-glove, home delivery, last-mile distribution, and other fascinating work throughout the state and other parts of the country.

CM: Do you do anything (like company events, meetings, etc.) to state and show the company vision to your employees?

HB: We usually have a yearend holiday party to celebrate success, provide recognition to our employees, and share the “big picture” in a group setting.  However, we are integrating the discussion more frequently on our weekly conference call and senior leadership meetings.

CM: Are your employees encouraged to share the company’s vision with customers?

HB: This is an area of opportunity for us. As our employees gain a deeper understanding of what we are doing, it becomes easier for them to share this with our customers. As a growing company, there are always new team members being added. We have changed our on-boarding process to help our newest team members understand the big picture.

CM: If your company adds new services, etc., how do you change up your overall vision to reflect those changes?

HB: Most of our enhancements in recent years seem to revolve around technology. We have more ways for customers’ needs to be met with the use of technology offerings.

CM: Where do you see the company in the future and how do you show that “future vision” to your current employees?

HB: It is a daunting task to be “all things to all customers.” Many companies in our industry focus on a specific “niche” for their business, and that has always seemed to work well. For us, we have a blend of work, which serves us well. We must continue to navigate the marketplace needs as we build on those things that we do competently. There are thousands of companies in our industry, and hundreds that share our geography. One of our goals is to coexist peacefully with our peers. What we have learned to integrate into our game plan is to work with others to mutually serve our customers’ needs. There are instances where one of our peers might have a driver in a better position geographically, with the optimal vehicle available to help us with a request from one of our customers. We stay active in the Florida Messenger Association and that has been a home run for us. We have several recurring projects each year for key customers. When we work with other courier companies, we use their available capacity to augment our fleet and it works well for everyone involved: us, our peers, and most importantly, our customers.