Dispatch Science on What The Company Does and How it Does it Well

Courier Magazine recently interviewed the professionals at Dispatch Science to find out how the company has evolved over the years.

Courier Magazine: When was your company founded and how was it founded?

Dispatch Science: Dispatch Science was founded in 2016 and currently has 20 employees.

The business was formed by a team of software and mobile technology experts who were inspired by courier company veterans frustrated by rising costs, lower margins, and an utter lack of adequate tools.

Our team has a strong track record of developing successful technology solutions for the transportation industry, an exhaustive portfolio of popular mobile applications, and many years of experience developing, marketing, and implementing enterprise software applications.
Courier Magazine: Tell us about what your company does and the services it provides.

Dispatch Science: Our team has been working over the past seven years creating and developing advanced cloud-enabled technology solutions for transporters, with a mobile-first focus and emphasis on modern web, GPS, and mapping technologies.

Our software is a complete Courier Management System that automates and eliminates manual coordination and manual dispatching activities for on-demand at last-mile delivery providers.

Courier Magazine: Could you explain what your company's software does?

Dispatch Science: Dispatch Science is a new Courier Management System that includes and improves on all the key features courier operators have come to expect from their management systems. What sets us apart are our state-of-the-art algorithms that use Artificial Intelligence to automate the order dispatching process.

These algorithms can look at all the moving pieces of delivery operations, and make the best choices. Our algorithms account for such things as order pick-up and drop-off addresses, drivers’ current and future positions, order delivery times, size and weight, vehicle capacities, driver reliability, workload distribution factors, and much, much more. The system then automatically assigns the orders to the right drivers. Drivers get their assignments on their smartphones, and can easily accept or pass on an order…. It’s pretty much an Uber for couriers, except we can assign entire routes, not just one order at a time.

And our expertise originated in mobile technologies, so we offer native iOS and Android mobile apps for drivers, and even for customers to place their orders or manage their accounts.

Courier Magazine: How is that different than route optimization?

Dispatch Science: We take the concept of route optimization, and then extend it to allow for constant and real-time change. If a new order is received beside a driver’s current location, can it be inserted into his queue? Can he make that pickup, the corresponding delivery, and still make the rest of his runs? Without compromising the ETA’s of existing orders? If not, we automatically evaluate these questions for the next closest driver. And so on, and so on.

Courier Magazine: Does that mean the company will replace dispatchers with computers?

Dispatch Science: We’re changing the traditional model of dispatch. Operators used to connect phone calls, call agents used to dispatch taxis, travel agents used to book flights. Similarly, we’re automating manual tasks have been automated, people are needed for customer service, taking appointments, managing exceptions, and many other tasks that (thankfully) computers can’t do.

Courier Magazine: How do you make certain that your software, technologies stay up-to-date?

Dispatch Science: We have partnered with a prestigious university’s Artificial Intelligence research team. It’s an arrangement that keeps us constantly on our toes. So, we’re relentlessly improving on the speed and accuracy of our algorithms, and since our solution runs in the cloud, our customers benefit by always being current with latest technologies, and none of the headaches or costs of maintaining equipment.

Courier Magazine: What type of businesses do you serve?

Dispatch Science: We currently serve on-demand and last-mile delivery businesses including courier businesses, dispatchers, and companies offering field services. 

Courier Magazine: What's your goal/s to help grow your company in the next year. Five years?

Dispatch Science: Our goal is to become the leader in automated dispatch solutions. We’ll do this by partnering with other software providers, and opening-up our API for integration into their own systems.

In five years, we’d like to be a top brand in the delivery industry with our solution powering dispatch decisions throughout the world.

Courier Magazine: Where do you hope to see your company in the future? Would you like to expand? Specialize in different services?

Dispatch Science: We believe our algorithms will help companies in many other sectors dispatch field personnel. Be it healthcare, repair-persons, insurance agents, or others. However, we recognize that the market only rewards the winners, so we’ll focus on rewarding our early-adopters and courier industry innovators with the benefits of our promise, and won’t let ourselves get distracted until we’ve delivered what we promised.

About the Author
Abbie Stutzer is the Editor of Courier Magazine.