Get Growing Marketing Your Business In 2015

We’ve covered marketing topics in the past, but there’s one steadfast thing that we know about promotional tactics: they are always changing.

New ideas and procedures pop up all the time. Sure, you could view this constant change as frustrating, but honestly, this flow of new ideas is great. Why? Because if something your company did last year didn’t work, it’s no big deal – you can try something else in a few months – it may resonate with your customers.

We want to help you pull together ideas that you can use for your next campaign. To do that, we’ve rounded up a few campaigns that are working for people in 2015. Yeah, things may change in 2016, but that’s OK… We’ll report on those shiny new trends next year.

Infographics Go A Long Way

Infographics have been around for a long while. And while they once resided on white boards in corporate offices, they now are predominantly in emailed newsletters and blogs.

Infographics are enjoyable to look at, but Inc. points out that not all illustrated charts are created equal -- in fact, many aren’t made well, or used correctly.

Before you make a colorful, shareable infographic, make sure you do your research and only include data that is real and relevant to your customers.

Once you’ve compiled your information-packed graphic, place it in a well-positioned place that will get attention. “Infographics are an excellent way to explain a topic, or provide information in a fun and interesting way. They also have the potential to spread like wildfire on the web via social media shares, media outlet exposure, and infographic directories,” Inc. reports.

Reach Out To The Community

And by community, we mean your customers. Find out what your happy customers are saying about your company and use that in your marketing campaigns. Nothing makes a more convincing campaign than using positive things people who use your services are already saying.

Know Your Customer

Not all customers are the same, but many of them do share strikingly similar characteristics. What are those characteristics? Here are a few of the standouts, according to Mod Girl Marketing:

  1. They’re Always Connected: Sixty-three percent of women and 73 percent of men don’t go an hour without checking their phones. Use customers’ smartphone love to your advantage and create a business app. Also: Make sure you’re always updating your social media accounts with new, interesting links.
  2. They Want To Trust Who They Do Business With: You can no longer get customers by promising things you can’t deliver. While you never did that anyway, we want to note that honesty is now paying off… big time. That accumulated trust could lead to more customers.

    Mod Girl reports that 60 percent of customers are more likely to buy from a brand that is public about its corporate social responsibility. Also: Eighty-eight percent of people think companies need to "achieve business goals while improving society and the environment."
  3. Sharers: Thirty-four percent of customers share their feelings about a brand on social media.
  4. They Want It Quickly: This is probably one of the more important subjects for courier companies. Eighty-nine percent of customers said that having “access to real-time product availability would influence their shopping choices.”