Get Social - May is Social Media Month

Every month has some type of crazy holiday associated with it. May is no different! In fact, it’s full of nutty random holidays. But one really stuck out to me: May is Social Media Month!

Social media has various forms, so let’s run down the basics:


This article has all you need to know about starting a company blog. The piece will help you pick a blogging platform and design your company’s blog. It also will help you learn how to plan your content, write articles, promote your posts, and will give you a mini crash course on how to avoid blogging problems.

And don’t forget: There are other types of social media platforms that you can use to promote your business, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. But basically, all the platforms are designed to help you do the following:

In the article, “How small businesses are making the most of social media to grow,” by Rosie Niven in The Guardian, social media networking platforms are lauded as extremely valuable because they are free to sign up for and create. But eventually, you’re going to want to pay someone who knows how to effectively use each network. Each of your business’ social networks can, overall, help market your business, give your company local publicity, and can be used to communicate with customers and help with market research.

For more information about social media, make sure to check out our July/August issue.

Now, the big question we have for you – how the heck do you guys use social media? I know Courier Magazine uses it to provide you with articles and blogs about the industry, but how does social media help your company every day? Do you use it to promote services? To talk to customers? Or do you use it to post awesome photos of couriers on the job?

However you use social media, we want to know. If you have any thoughts, contact me at -- thanks!

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