HotShot Brand - Taking Pride in Service

Since opening in 1995, HotShot Deliveries Inc, Omaha, Neb., has garnered many loyal customers. The company’s owners continue to provide exceptional delivery service to small, local, independent businesses as well as large, Fortune 500 companies. And to stay competitive, the company provides a variety of services and uses up-to-date technology such as online order entry, online tracking and signature capture to ensure customers stay satisfied.

Laura Schneider, operations manager at HotShot Deliveries, recently reflected on the company’s continued success and told Courier Magazine how the company has evolved since opening its doors and about the courier’s future plans.

Could you give me some background on your company?

HotShot Deliveries was founded on the principle of providing service. We have survived and grown over the years by frequently reminding ourselves that service is the product we offer, not deliveries. Our service is not just the giving or the receiving of shipments; our service is the complete interaction from start to finish with our customers.

Comment on the success of your company’s founders and their ability to develop the organization.

The company’s founders are able to adapt to changing times and circumstances. The delivery business is never the same—each day is different. They are able to focus the big picture even with all the moving parts. Most importantly, they have the ability to choose team members who are passionate and dedicated. It’s not what we do, it’s who we are.

What are some of the new ideas your company is using to modernize its operation? Is new technology pushing business?

We are in the process of implementing individualized barcode scanning per customer by integrating their software or data into our system. This will allow our system to work seamlessly with theirs, which will give us the opportunity to provide more efficient services to our customer. Our system allows us to not only track each order, but also provides us with the location and progress of each individual parcel and provides our customers with real-time metrics.

What is the one key to your company’s success?

We have five keys to our company’s success—our core values. Our core values are: Work Together, Strive for Excellence, Do What You Say You Are Going to Do, Be Safe and Have Fun. Understanding that our company is not a “one-man show” is very important. We all know we can’t do it alone, so we must work together to achieve our common goal. There is always room for improvement, and we constantly strive for perfection. For a company to grow, you must hold true to your word. If someone says one thing and does another, we are less apt to gain a customer’s trust. Customer loyalty and trust is a major part of operating a successful company. We never place our employees, customers or customers’ shipments at risk—we will always operate safely. And lastly, we have fun. Having fun is the most important part of getting through each day.

How important is customer service with your company?

Customer service is very important— it is the reason we’re all here! Our customers decide whether or not our doors stay open, so providing World-Class Customer Service is a must. Our customers experience personalized service. We handle each shipment as if it were our own.

Talk about the importance of your employees. How do they go above and beyond in your operation?

At HotShot Deliveries, we have a “No is not an option” guideline. Our employees pride themselves on making a variety of mini-miracles happen on a daily basis. If our customer needs something, we make it happen for them—whenever, wherever, whatever. We do not fit our customers into our box; we fit and customize their needs into our business because their business is our business.