How Your Delivery Company Can Use Popular Hashtags

Have you ever wondered where all those trendy hashtags originally came from? Wonder no more! The post, “5 Popular Crowdsourced Hashtags, Their Twitter Birthdates, and How Brands Use Them Now,” has all the details. It’s pretty interesting to see how each hashtag’s meaning has changed and evolved over the years, too.

As the headline suggests, the post also delves into ways companies use the hashtags. So, I thought it would be fun to suggest a few ways courier, delivery, and logistics companies can use these popular hashtags every week.

1. #ThrowbackThursday

Post a photo of your company’s first week of operation. All your clients will enjoy seeing how your now successful company started small. Plus everyone loves a photo filled with awkward haircuts and dated fashions.

2. #Blessed

You can use this one in a real way or a sarcastic, joke-y way. Post a photo of your favorite client, and talk about your relationship with that client. End the comment with #blessed. For a funny twist on the hashtag, you can take a photo of a pizza or a cake at a company party, and say something about how the company keeps you nourished and then hashtag #blessed. Jokes! Everyone loves ‘em.

3.  #Selfie

Take a photo with yourself and the employee of the month. Write a caption about how that special employee came to your company and hashtag selfie.

4. #TGIF

This one’s a no-brainer. Post a photo of someone at your company acting silly and hashtag, #TGIF.

Do you like to use specific hashtags at your company? Tell us about them in the comment section!

Image: Michael Coghlan