Oli Saffell of Fresh Logistics

Fresh Logisitics
Established: 2008
Phone: 800.612.6512
Online: http://www.freshlogistics.co.uk

Alan White founded Fresh Logistics, a multi-award winning temperature- controlled logistical solutions company in 2008 with a seedling finance of £5k. Now, in 2015, we are a debt free business with our own temperature-controlled vehicles and warehousing solutions. In 2014/2015, we are forecasting a turnover in excess of £3.5m, showing a huge return on our investment.

The company has recently purchased a new site in Derby, with the move scheduled for early 2015. The site is situated just next door to the prestigious Pride Park. Not only is the move strategic, it will offer quadruple the office space, a larger warehouse for frozen, chilled, and ambient requirements, more parking for vehicles to allow for an increased fleet, and a full vehicle maintenance unit.

Not only will Fresh Logistics now own a site, but also will own all their vehicles, ranging from vans, 7.5t’s and 18t’s. All these vehicles have been bought to our exact high specification allowing us to best service our customer’s requirements. The fleet has grown by 10 vehicles over the last year, an incredible feat thinking back to the days of just 1 van in 2008. All vehicles are capable of full-temperature tracing and on-board monitoring for the driver, along with being dual compartment with a moveable bulkhead to allow for frozen and chilled, or chilled and ambient on the same vehicle.

Fresh Logistics has always been committed to pay above the national minimum wage to make sure that good staff are rewarded well for their hard work. In 2013, the company made the decision to become Living Wage accredited. This meant that all employees are paid over the cost of what is deemed to be a healthy living hourly rate. Fresh Logistics was nominated as Living Wage Champions in 2014.

The employees work towards the companies family values, and due to the nature of the business are required from time to time to go above and beyond the call of duty. If a customer is impressed enough to get in touch regarding an individual, they are rewarded a “wow” bonus for their efforts.

We have become specialists in temperature controlled transport from frozen (-18C), chilled (+2C) to heated (+25C), operating a 24/7 nationwide same day delivery service and dedicated deliveries around Europe.

We pride ourselves in not just moving goods from A to B, but in providing a white glove service, communicating with our customers along the way. With our “never say no” attitude, we have secured several bespoke projects. Examples of this have been:

• Transporting food for commercials for some of the head retailers.
• Taking part in a major soda drinks sampling campaign involving storage and picking at our depot and delivering to 10 different areas around the UK in one of our 18t’s.
• Transporting frozen marine samples of sea beds from the east coast of England to Derby.
• Saliva samples delivered around the UK.
• Last minute storage of 25 pallets worth of Tuna that missed a connecting flight at midnight and had to be collected within an hour and remain chilled until the following day.

One area that has seen marked growth is the chilled and frozen parcel service. This year has seen projects involving several marketing companies. An example of this involved receiving, picking, and packing, then sending out 300 cases of chilled smoothies, protein and pro-biotic, to separate addresses around the UK. Then there was a similar project for dispatching frozen fish fingers in packs to 400 houses to have a Fish Finger Party. Other interesting projects have included frozen-filled potato skins to Australia, prawns to Thailand, smoothies to America, and scampi to all major retailers head offices in Europe.

Last year saw an investment of £50k into our bespoke vehicle/ warehouse management system that streamlined the infrastructure of the company. This is an investment that was needed to allow the company to grow and become future proof in a competitive and evolving industry. The new bespoke warehousing and vehicle system has proved a great success with our customers. Having the ability to easily enter multi-drop data, then have live- time information in front of you for how many drops have been completed, at what time, and who signed for them, tracking, ETA’s to the next drop, and immediate pricing. Many of our customers are actually so impressed they are looking at putting a similar system in for their own transport departments.

Fresh Logistics was awarded the “Most Innovative Business within the Food and Drink sector within East Midlands,” “Exporter of the Year” at the Insider International Trade Awards 2014, and also 2013 and 2014 winners of the TCS&D “Refrigerated Courier of the Year.”

For further information about the company, please get in touch through the website freshlogistics.co.uk or email order@freshlogistics.co.uk.