Ron Chmielewski on the Success of Via Bancourier ProEx

Ron Chmielewski, vice president of sales and marketing of Via Bancourier / ProEx, is proud to work at a successful delivery company. But what exactly does success mean to Chmielewski? Courier Magazine recently reached out to him to find out why he thinks his company has and will continue to shine.

Via Bancourier / ProEx

1140 W. Cambridge Circle Drive

Kansas City, Kansas  66103


Courier Magazine: Could you give me some background on your company? Fill me in on how your company has survived and thrived over the years along with its history.

Ron Chmielewski: Founded in 1978 by Frank Brown and a partner, Via Bancourier, Inc. was formed in 1983 to focus on the delivery needs of the banking industry. In June of 1984, Frank’s son, Bart Brown, joined the team of 15 drivers and began to manage the daily operations. Today, daily operations are managed around the clock by an excellent team of experienced employees who are led by Vince Turner, Bart McVey, myself, and Nate Brown, a recently added third generation owner. Together, the four of us have over 56 years of experience with Via Bancourier, Inc.

Courier Magazine: Comment on the success of your company’s founders and their ability to develop the organization.

RC: Bart and Nate Brown privately own Via Bancourier, Inc. As a Christian-owned company, we are striving to provide excellent and reliable service based on three main philosophies of business: we will serve the customer, treat the drivers fairly, and trust God to take care of the bottom line.

Courier Magazine: How has the company grown since its start?

RC: Via Bancourier has seen an incredible growth path for many years. Like many businesses, it did have its ups and downs. Today, Via Bancourier growth is producing steady, double-digit growth because of hard work, a dedicated staff, and a reliable driver team.

Courier Magazine: How did you know what alternative avenues to travel in the courier business? How did you diversify your business to stand out?

RC: Like many businesses, we review our strengths and leverage those attributes to other industries. Many times services are developed and created based on our clients’ needs and requests.

Courier Magazine: What are some of the new ideas your company is taking to modernize its operation? Is new technology pushing business?

RC: We are constantly attempting to modernize our business. From new vehicles to new software, we attempt to be aware of what is available and how the industry may be adapting. Having said that, we review new technologies for the business very carefully, and weigh the costs versus the advantages they may offer.

Courier Magazine: What is the one key to your company’s success?

RC: We strive to meet our clients’ expectations. Everyone says they are going to provide great customer service with reliable on-time deliveries. This is our first priority every day.

Courier Magazine: Comment on customer service with your company. How important is it?

RC: Customer service is a big deal with Via Bancourier. As a firm providing service all day, every day, our operations’ personnel are exceptional and committed. Within our firm, all departments, including leaders, are committed to customer service and offering the best possible service to all clients, no matter their size.

Courier Magazine: Talk about the importance of your employees. How do they go above and beyond in your operation?

RC: Like any business, your employees are your business. Our success is based on the employees and drivers we have and how they handle interactions with our customers. Whether making a special trip to correct a missed delivery, working a weekend stat request, or accommodating a late Friday evening request for a one-hour delivery -- in the end, our personnel go above and beyond every day.

Courier Magazine: How do you go about adding services at your company and how do you manage them all?

RC: We listen to our industry, to our competitors, and most importantly, to our customers. A few years ago we decided to improve our on-demand service to rise to market expectations. To address this we diligently researched firms that provided exceptional service with integrity, which lead us to ownership of Professional Express, known as ProEx. Having increased our footprint, we continue to partner closely with them today, and it has been a great fit for our customers and us.