Success Story - IntelliQuick Delivery

Courier Magazine recently caught up with IntelliQuick Delivery and found out how the company has evolved since its start.

IntelliQuick Delivery
Established: 1998
Address: 4022 South 20th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85040 Phone: 602.224.0033

Courier Magazine: Could you give me some background on your company? How has the company survived/thrived over the years?

In 1998, Keith Spizzirri purchased a small company called Jet Delivery. In the beginning, the Phoenix office had merely six employees with two dispatchers and a mother/ daughter team answering phones and handling the accounting needs of the small business. The following year, Spizzirri purchased Connection Courier and re- branded his two acquisitions as Jet Connection. He grew the company to approximately 20 employees, plus 30 route drivers and another 30 on-demand drivers.

In 2002, the name of the quickly growing business was changed to IntelliQuick Delivery, which Spizzirri felt better represented the purpose of the company and more clearly
defined its services. Since that time, IntelliQuick Delivery expanded to provide services in Las Vegas, Reno, Denver, Salt Lake City, Tucson, and other cities in the Southwest.
Currently, IntelliQuick has 75 employees, and more than 300 drivers. It is now the largest independent delivery/ courier service in Arizona. We have survived and even thrived in an unsteady economy because of our goal to be “Faster. Better. Smarter.®” We strive to remain on the cutting edge of technology, continually implementing the latest equipment in our daily operations to streamline the delivery and supply chain process, and increase our efficiency in every possible area.

CM: Talk about the success of your company’s founders and their ability to develop the organization.

Keith Spizzirri, IntelliQuick’s founder and president, had the insight needed to expand the company using a smart-growth business strategy. He took a very small, local business and grew it into a well-oiled machine that spans four states and does business with some of the country’s top retailers, including Wal- Mart, H&M, and Starbucks.

Keith’s ability to lead means showing his employees the meaning of hard work and attention to detail. He treats his employees well and encourages his team to bring their “A games” every day. Keith is a true visionary and never stops looking for ways to exceed his customers’ expectations, all the while keeping a family-oriented work environment among his employees.

CM: How did you know what alternative avenues to travel in the courier business? How did you diversify your business to stand out?

Starting out as a delivery and courier service, it was a natural progression to begin offering more services to our clients in order to serve them better. We simply noticed a customer need for cross-docking, warehouse fulfillment, last mile services, and additional 3PL capabilities.

We stand out because we guarantee on-time delivery and have a higher success rate than our competition. We also use only the latest, high- tech equipment for all of our daily procedures, such as scanning devices with Advance Shipment Notifications
(ASN). This enables us to scan returns and pick-ups from the customer with real-time documentation to the shipper, and maintains inventory accuracy and integrity.

CM: What are some of the new ideas your company is taking to modernize its operation? Is new technology pushing business?

IntelliQuick is about serving our customers to the best of our ability. In today’s fast-paced world, that means creating the easiest and most convenient mobile platform for our customers to order, then track and trace their shipments. We use applications that are compatible with multiple mobile devices and technology platforms. Our customers have the ability to know exactly where their shipment stands at any point in the process.

CM: What is the one key to your company’s success?

We’ve found the key to success is to never become complacent. The moment a business becomes satisfied and feels they are “good enough” is the moment they lose their edge. It’s all about having the drive to never settle for being anything but the best. We focus on our daily motto of being better, faster, and smarter than our competition. Keith is also a big believer in 4DX, or the Four Disciplines of Execution.

CM: Comment on customer service with your company. How important is it?

Customer service is extremely important to IntelliQuick – in fact, it is our number one priority. Without loyal customers a business has nothing, so we bend over backward to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction in everything we do. All of our employees are well trained and extremely courteous at every stage of our operation. We truly pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service skills.

CM: Talk about the importance of your employees.

At IntelliQuick we strive to treat our employees like family. We provide them with the best possible training and give them the tools they need to succeed in their roles with the company. Our delivery drivers are intelligent, experienced, clean-cut professionals who understand the importance of professionalism and common courtesy. We only hire the best people to represent IntelliQuick and continue to show them ways to become even better at what they do through internal training, coaching and mentoring. We have an open-door policy and keep the lines of communication open among all of our staff members, ensuring everyone is happy and taken care of every day. We believe that when
our employees are treated with the respect they deserve and are aware of their importance to the company, they feel a greater desire to give their very best and also feel a return sense of loyalty to the company.

CM: How do you go about adding services at your company, and how do you manage them all?

Whenever we add a new service at IntelliQuick, we require it does the following:

1. Remains consistent with IQ’s Goals and Objectives

2. Compliments our existing core business

3. Provides value to our customers

4. Performs well within our existing infrastructure, so as not to cause interruption to our customers or employees