Success Story Jack Underwood Discusses New Business Concept, Circuit

Courier Magazine recently interviewed Jack Underwood about Circuit, an app dedicated to optimizing delivery routes that’s launching soon. ­

Courier Magazine: Tell us about the company.
Jack Underwood: I founded Circuit, which is headquartered in London. I started independently developing apps a few years ago. I released many productivity-related Android apps and secured the "Top Developer" title on Google Play Store.

CM: Tell us about the service.
JU: Circuit provides last-mile route optimization services to small- to medium-sized courier companies. We take each driver’s delivery route and reshuffles the order of the drops. This allows the route to be completed quicker, whilst using less fuel.

Circuit can also optimize the allocation of stops, too. Given a list of addresses to visit, alongside various constraints—such as the number of drivers to distribute between, address time windows, and maximum van loads—Circuit will produce the most efficient possible route for your entire last-mile delivery fleet.

CM: How does your app help our readers? Who should use it?
JU: Circuit's apps have been built for courier drivers. If you're an independent driver, or you're paid per drop, Circuit can optimize your allocated route in less than 10 minutes. For a full-time driver, our company sees an average of around $200 per month savings in driving hours and fuel costs.

And if you own a courier company, Circuit provides two options:

  • You can opt to allocate deliveries to drivers yourself, and then have your drivers use Circuit's Android + iOS apps to optimize the order of the drops. Circuit charges $30/driver/month, and saves an average of $200 per driver, per month in wage and fuel costs.
  • You can have Circuit handle the allocation and optimization of your last-mile delivery fleet. Circuit charges $50 per driver, per month for this service, but companies see an average of $350 savings per driver, per month, in wage and fuel costs.

CM: Tell us about Circuit’s sustainability aspects.
JU: Last-mile delivery is the most inefficient part of the entire delivery. Recent studies have shown that each last-mile delivery van pumps out an average of 21KG's of C02 into the atmosphere every trip. With millions of last-mile delivery drivers who span the world, we produce a combined total of over 10 billion kilograms of C02 every year. That's the same weight as 4,500,000 delivery vans.

Delivery routes that have been optimized using Circuit require 15-25 percent less fuel than those planned manually. On top of that, Circuit provides highly accurate estimated arrival times, which help courier companies notify drivers of exactly where and when they're going to arrive. This means less fuel waste from people not being home.

CM: What do you have planned for the launch?
JU: Circuit vehicle-by-vehicle routing services are available right now. If you're a courier company that employs drivers, or are a driver yourself, you can grab the app from https// now, and purchase a subscription for your employees on the website.

CM: What are your future plans for the app? 
JU: Our long-term goal at Circuit is to save the equivalent C02 as planting 1 million trees. A lofty goal for sure, but something we're passionate about doing our best to reach regardless.

If you're interested in Circuit's combined allocation and optimization offering, send an email to for a 25 percent early-bird discount.

About the Author

Abbie Stutzer is the Editor of Courier Magazine.