Time Actually Can be on Your Side

Do you ever find yourself wondering if you have a major time management problem? I know I do. I’m an incredibly organized person, but sometimes I double or even triple book due dates. Whenever those big looming deadlines start to approach, I sometimes freeze and just can’t think straight.

So, imagine my relief when I saw this great post by Sharlyn Lauby about how workers can successfully organize their time.

The first step to organizing your time is to realize you’ve got to plan time that’s off limits. Plan ahead for time to spend with your family and friends, and set aside time for rest and recreation.

Next, you’ve got to write down, or at the very least schedule, important tasks. Just seeing that you have a task due can inspire you to finish that task (and then bask in that glorious moment when you click “done” or scratch it off your list – sigh – nothing is better).

I’m a big believer in this next step: Build in time to fall behind. Sometimes you just fall behind. But if you’ve already built in for the unexpected, you can still get the task done before it’s too late.

Also be ready to say no to something if you don’t have time. If you have a very busy week coming up, you may not want to commit to volunteering for that bake sale, or for helping your friend at their garage sale. Something inevitably will fall through the cracks.

Finally, if you do fall behind, be assertive and see if you can renegotiate that time. By owning up to your miscalculation, you can save face and inevitably not put the person you owe out.

Source: 5 Rules for Organizing Your Time

Do you have any tips or tricks for organizing your time? If so, share in the comments.

Image: Sean MacEntee