USPS May Start to Deliver Your Bananas

Well, the United States Postal Service may actually begin delivering more than bananas if its plans become realities.

In late September, the U.S. Postal Service proposed getting in to the grocery delivery business. While that may seem like a pretty strange proposal at first read, it isn’t after a second glance.

In the article, “Mailing your groceries for 3 a.m. delivery? USPS proposes new business strategy,” Jennifer Abel reports that the postal service wants to use its large fleet to deliver groceries after hours, from about 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. After all, most USPS trucks go unused overnight.

The problem with this idea? How well will the food keep overnight, and how can USPS ensure the food won’t get stolen? One solution: The postal service has proposed to leave the groceries in “a location designated by the customer for delivery.”

MultiChannel Merchant reports that the USPS wants to grow its volume by delivering packages. The company has lost over one-third of its volume since 2006. Part of that plan includes the following:

“To that end, the USPS is moving on several fronts, including seeking $10 billion over the next four years to upgrade its aging delivery fleet and add new package sorting equipment.” And as noted: The USPS is requesting a nationwide expansion of its pilot run of same-day grocery delivery.

In addition to same-day grocery delivery, the USPS also wants to add the following services:

“Other aspects of the USPS’s parcel focus include seven-day-per-week delivery – again in conjunction with Amazon – and day-specific delivery guarantees on one-, two- and three-day shipping. It also includes a September rate cut that lowered prices up to 58% on certain Priority Mail packages for customers shipping at least 50,000 parcels a year, making the USPS more competitive on heavier packages.”

Who knows if the postal service will start providing these services, but just the idea alone is pretty darn intriguing. What do you think? Have you ever thought about adding services at your company to gain more customers?

Image: David Guo